What is FIT

Functional Imagery Training (FIT) is a novel therapeutic intervention to build motivation and help individuals achieve their goals. It is a person-centred intervention, which uses the spirit of MI to deliver sessions. However, while MI explores change through verbal means, FIT makes use of multisensory imagery to explore these changes. This imagery tool, which participants learn, is what allows motivation to stay high throughout the process of achieving pre-set goals. The FIT app, Goal in Mind, helps individuals to monitor and practice their goal imagery.

FIT is the result of an international collaboration between researchers in Australia and the UK. It was developed by Professor David Kavanagh at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, and Professors Jackie Andrade and Jon May at the University of Plymouth. It is an application of their Elaborated Intrusion theory of motivation.

For more information about the development of FIT and the scientific evidence on which it is based, please click here. Funders are acknowledged here.