During FIT, the interviewer helps the client generate vivid, multisensory, affectively-charged images. This section provides some guidance on how to do this.

  • The person should always be invited to create the image, rather than instructed to.
  • Remind the person now and then to put themselves in the image, to make the image vivid as if it were happening to them right now, and to use all their senses.
  • Use different phrasing each time, to avoid the induction becoming repetitive.
  • Do not rush. Pause after each sentence, or every few words. Use a soft, gentle tone of voice so as not to disturb the image they are creating. Always end with 5-10 seconds of silence.
  • Questions are rhetorical, and intonation should go down at the end of the sentence, not up as for a traditional question.
  • Do not evoke images that involve the unwanted behaviour. For example, if someone trying to reduce alcohol plans to go out and only have two drinks then stop, do not ask them to imagine having those two drinks then stopping. This may induce craving. Instead, ask them to create an image related to success and what will be better if they stick to their goal.


Scripted prompts are available here: