Cravings Buster

Substance cravings involve the same sort of multisensory imagery that we are harnessing in FIT to support motivation.

The mental processes needed for this imagery have limited capacity and there is a tendency for craving imagery to crowd out motivational imagery.

The 'Cravings Buster' exercise helps clients develop the mental control to switch their attention deliberately away from craving images and onto their goal imagery.

It gives them a direct experience of how cravings fade or disappear when they are concentrating on something else.

Use this where strong desires for a counter-productive behaviour are a problem.

The video illustrates the components of the Cravings Buster:

Ask the client to generate an image of something they crave, then instruct them to deliberately and emphatically switch their attention to their ‘mini-movie’ imagery of working towards and achieving their goal.